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Hello, my name is Motoko Koizumi, a professional translator between Japanese and English.


I have been working in the translation business for more than 15 years including my career as an in-house translator at the US-based companies Alcoa Wheel Products Japan and Dow Chemical Japan, where my fundamental business English skills were cultivated through everyday communication in a global work environment. I also had a chance to work for the Niigata Prefectural Government as an English Language coordinator which allowed me to work on a wide variety of governmental documents such as press releases, tourism promotion materials, policy guidelines, and industry reports. My work for Niigata Prefecture also included disaster reports from the 2004 Niigata Chuetsu Earthquake and the 2007 Niigata Chuetsu-oki Earthquake, and documents related to following countermeasure initiatives. I used to think that I do not have any particular area of specialty in translation but now I really appreciate my unique career path which brought me insights into both the private and public sectors, allowing me to flexibly practice such insights consciously or unconsciously as required.


Translation is a very demanding job, physically (YES!) and mentally. Translation is also a time-consuming job, more than people usually think; however, that is all well worth it when you find your final products successfully meet your customers' requirements, not to mention your own fulfillment.


I am looking forward to working with you on your project!


Motoko Koizumi